Advisory Services

Hammes has been a trusted advisor to healthcare organizations for nearly three decades offering a full range of strategic, financial, operational, real estate and facility consulting services.

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Bridging Vision with Implementation

In today’s environment, establishing a solid strategic position for the future has never been more important—or more challenging—for healthcare executives and their organizations. Accepting and continually adapting to the changing environment is the difference between healthcare organizations that thrive—and those that do not.

As the nation's leading healthcare development planning and implementation team, we leverage our comprehensive expertise to help health systems plan and execute new facilities and strategies - bringing innovations and lessons learned from each project.

Our team of professionals has deep, real-world experience having held leadership positions in healthcare strategy, real estate, marketing and finance. Together, we have completed hundreds of campus and master planning assignments and strategic, ambulatory network planning and real estate advisory assignments.

A history of innovation, Hammes Healthcare was responsible for the industry’s first comprehensive ambulatory network plans. We innovated the use of retail analytics models for use in network planning and competitive entry into complex markets. As the structure of healthcare markets has continued to evolve, so have our models. Leveraging these tools, our leadership teams collaborate with healthcare executives to prioritize market strategy, service placement, balanced capacity and throughput.

We are the bridge from service line and care delivery strategies to plans that reveal the implementation path and resources required to execute your vision.

Areas of Expertise

Network Planning

Hammes is a national leader in providing a comprehensive, seamless approach to the planning and development of new ambulatory care centers. We have developed ambulatory plans for clients across the country varying in size and complexity from small primary care and diagnostic centers to comprehensive, multi-state ambulatory networks.

Partnering with Hammes early in the conceptual planning phase helps healthcare providers to define their vision for ambulatory care and to develop implementable plans including the potential to bring capital if needed.

Through our exclusive partnership with Intalytics, we have developed Hammes Precision™, a proprietary predictive modeling and location-based analytics tool to help our clients further strengthen and refine their ambulatory strategy and overall market position.

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Real Estate Optimization

Real estate accounts for a substantial portion of the assets on a healthcare organization’s balance sheet. Therefore, a strategic real estate management approach can represent significant cost savings. Given the ever-changing market dynamics healthcare organizations need to plan for, from the increase in virtual patient care delivery to potential changes in staffing models, healthcare executives are taking a close look at their real estate portfolios. What do we need? Do we have too much? Do we have too little? Do we have the infrastructure in place?

Hammes provides comprehensive real estate advisory services to help healthcare organizations create value by optimizing their real estate assets. The goal of this work is to align the organization's real estate platform with the market strategy, creating an efficient delivery network that meets the demands of population health while also being operationally efficient. Our approach not only helps health system's uncover opportunities to optimize their real estate portfolio, but also provides a detailed action plan and recommendations. Our goal is to prepare healthcare organizations to execute quickly when an opportunity presents itself.

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Master Facility and Campus Planning

Master facility plans serve as a reliable blueprint to guide healthcare facility investments over a multi-year period, enabling organizations to reach their strategic goals. Few consultants have Hammes Healthcare’s comprehensive understanding of the healthcare provider’s business, their strategic and operational objectives and the ability to translate those objectives into a master facility plan.

While most traditional facility and campus master plans are created using a bottom-up approach, we approach master planning from the top down. We ensure plans are directly linked to the healthcare organization’s business strategy and financial priorities (or constraints), leveraging input from multiple stakeholders across the organization.

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Space Planning and Programming

Like our approach to master planning, we approach space planning and programming with a thorough understanding of our clients’ current needs and challenges as well as their long-term strategic goals. Our real-world healthcare operations and clinical experience allows us to dig deeper to provide optimal space planning and programming recommendations that meet today’s needs as well as anticipated future needs.

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Facility Development Feasibility

The Hammes Advisory Services team has conducted complex feasibility studies for leading health organizations across the country. Our feasibility planning process includes a comprehensive market assessment and real estate evaluation.

Third-Party Reviews & Second Opinion Studies

Hammes is often engaged to provide an expert, third-party review or second opinion evaluation of any number of healthcare strategic plans from facility development to ambulatory network plans. We provide thorough second opinion reviews of financial projections and models, including a review of critical underlying assumptions, and reviews of financial proformas and feasibility analysis.

Operations Advisory

Our team can help healthcare providers ensure their care delivery is operationally efficient to maximize patient and staff satisfaction, clinical outcomes and profitability. Through a strategic partnership with DCCS Consulting, our team can advise on a wide range of financial and operational improvements, guiding major capital projects and executing on real estate strategy–all growing areas of focus as systems merge and expand.

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