Stamford Health

Hammes delivered an ambulatory network plan that supports Stamford's market and physician-growth strategy with specific, executable recommendations for the near-term and over the next five years.


Stamford, Connecticut


  • Ambulatory Network Planning
  • Medical Staff Development Planning


  • Ambulatory Network Plan


Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, Stamford Health is an independent, comprehensive regional health system providing primary through tertiary care across lower Fairfield County. The major components of the system are Stamford Hospital, located in Stamford, and the Stamford Health Medical Group, which has locations across lower Fairfield County.


Stamford recognized the need to further expand its ambulatory services to meet the needs of its community, increase access to its services and remain competitive in a highly dynamic and fragmented market.


Stamford engaged Hammes Healthcare to analyze its current ambulatory position and develop a data‐driven market strategy for ambulatory services. Sophisticated retail analytic models were used for site analysis and service recommendations.

Hammes delivered an ambulatory plan that supports Stamford’s market and physician growth strategy by identifying and prioritizing key sub‐markets and the corresponding access points, clinical services, physician dynamics, competitive landscape, and mission-driven considerations for each.

In addition to the ambulatory network plan, Hammes delivered a medical staff development plan to guide talent recruitment and retention strategies. The plan provided targeted analysis of market dynamics that impact physician demand for primary care, specialties, hospital-based physicians and sub-specialists. Because the medical staff development plan was integrated with the ambulatory network plan, there was higher reliability resulting from extensive physician supply verification efforts.

Hammes provided insightful, executable recommendations for the near-term and in the form of a five-year roadmap. Stamford incorporated multiple recommendations into the coming year’s budget before the project was even completed and has the flexibility to take advantage of market opportunities and volatility over the next five years.