Ambulatory Network Planning:
Questions We Help Answer

  • Who are the communities we serve now and how might our service area change in the future ?
  • What is our vision for ambulatory services in the next 5-10 years?
  • What impact will changes in healthcare delivery (telehealth, e-visits, etc.) have on the ambulatory strategy?
  • What constitutes a sustainable ambulatory strategy for our organization?
  • How are we currently positioned in our market in relationship to our competitors?
  • How can we assure the highest and best use of our current assets?
  • Does our organization have a recognizable brand identity both on and off campus?
  • What are our population health management goals?
  • Is our existing network adequate to meet these population health goals?
  • Are there gaps in our full continuum of care offerings that need addressing?
  • Are we well-positioned for narrow network contracting?
  • How are the physicians aligned in our market?
  • Do we know what the optimal mix of physicians is to support the overall health system goals?
  • What is the optimal structure for our medical group in the next 3-5 years?
  • Are there access issues (e.g., operating hours, affordability) within our physician network?
  • What does the "end point" of our ambulatory network look like and what is the best plan to get there?
  • What planned ambulatory investments are already underway?
  • How will we prioritize our efforts?