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Brookfield Lakes Corporate Center

Brookfield Lakes Corporate Center is a 158-acre, master-planned development in the City of Brookfield, Wisconsin.


Brookfield, Wisconsin


  • Developer


  • Commercial Development


  • 158 acres
  • 1,035,000 SF

The 19-building corporate center, which was developed over a 16-year period, was built around the concept of providing a campus work environment. Of the 158 total acres, nearly a third is undisturbed and preserved as nature conservancy land. The development contains five lakes, four of which are linked in a chain that weaves through the park. The park features classic and coordinated building architecture with extensive natural landscaping in addition to the lakes. Project components include:

  • Commercial Office
  • Hotel
  • Daycare
  • Retail & Dining
  • Bus Service from East and West