Hammes Precision®

Hammes Precision® is our proprietary real estate and retail analytics software tool designed to help healthcare providers strengthen and refine their ambulatory strategy and overall market position.

Healthcare Network Strategy Reimagined

Hammes Precision® uses relevant data sets, such as local market healthcare use rates, demographics, consumer behavior, specialty-based need for physicians, along with providers’ internal data to understand the specific factors that impact the potential performance of future sites of care.

Hammes Precision® calculates volume projections, visualizes available medical real estate, evaluates cannibalization from existing locations, and much more. Its visual appeal and ease of use provide an ideal tool for healthcare strategy and planning leaders to facilitate planning sessions and to evaluate network deployment scenarios in real-time.

This innnovative tool was developed in partnership with Kalibrate, a leading predictive retail and location analytics company. Hammes Precision® utilizes Intalytics’ fully matured location analysis software engine, SiteIntel, which has decades of validated methodologies across every market and a broad range of industries, including retail-sensitive healthcare services. In addition, Hammes Precision® is a SOC II-certified application, meaning healthcare providers can rest assured knowing all data is securely managed.

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